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Post-harvest technology has to be adopted in Nigeria to curb huge loss of crops wasted annually across the country.

This was disclosed by the Managing Director, Farm4me Limited, Adamu Adamu via a statement issued by the company on Monday after it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Benue State University’s Center for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER).

According to him, there is need for concerted efforts to restore and retain states like Benue that are known as the food basket of the nation. But this cannot be done without the use of technology in the Post-harvest stage of the process.

What Farm4me is saying

Adamu said, “For instance, Benue State, which is regarded as the food basket of the nation produces a wide range of crops ranging from grains, tubers, to fruits and vegetables but quantities of these crops are lost due to lack of adequate post-harvest technologies.

“It is a known fact that Benue State wears the toga as the food basket of Nigeria for her vast production of wide range of crops ranging from grains, tubers, to fruits and vegetables. We must revive this and ensure we explore opportunities created by technology initiative to create a turnaround.”

Meanwhile, Adamu added that the Agripreneurs believe that with the partnership between Farm4Me and CEFTER, the menace would be effectively tackled and it will reduce hunger and poverty in Nigeria.

Prof. Iorapuu, the Vice-Chancellor of Benue State University, agreed with Adamu, as he explained that through the support of the World Bank, the Benue State University has established CEFTER to address some of the challenges bedevilling the agricultural sector.

What the partnership means

The partnership would among other things engage communities, farmers and industries in the dissemination of technologies to curb post-harvest food losses.

In the coming months, the parties are expected to help develop a critical mass of well-trained African students in control of post-harvest losses.


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