Elixir Band, Update Vibes battle for Trophy Extra Special Band finale


With just one round left before the grand finale, the competition on the penultimate episode of Trophy Extra Special Band Season 2 was stiff.

This week, the bands had the task of pleasing judges and viewers alike by remaking hit songs of judges – Cobhams, Timi and 2Baba.

There were no battles this week. So, each band had the chance to shine without worrying about another band’s interpretation of the song.

Kickstarting the episode with a Faajigroove was Update Vibes who put a very special spin on Timi Dakolo’s I never know say. Despite this “special spin”, the judges were not particularly thrilled with their performance.

Up next was The Alian Tribe who rendered Cobhams’ hit song One Hit as a rock song. It was an interesting interpretation but not interesting enough for the judges. Elixir Band took the stage next, giving TuBaba’s Hate what you do to me an R n B tilt. Yet again, the judges were split in their opinions.

Elixir Band at Trophy Extra Special Band

At the fourth performance, things started looking up as The Bandhitz’s oriental twist to Timi Dakolo’s western song, Wish me well, left everyone in awe. The Benedictz then gave Cobham’s Starlight some ‘tungba’ feel to a rousing applause.

Update Vibes at Trophy Extra Special Band
Update Vibes at Trophy Extra Special Band

At the end of it all, The Bandhitz, The Benedictz and Alian Tribe were the judges’ choices for automatic qualification for the grand finale, leaving Elixir Band and Update Vibes as the bottom two.

With one spot left to be filled, Elixir Band and Update Vibes need votes to make it to the finale.


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